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Constructive Feedback: Getting it right

Feedback_300x197It’s fair to say, as Managers, we don’t always get the behaviours we want from people and it’s possible to start to view these individuals in a very negative light even extending to anger. The problem is, this reaction simply does nothing more that perpetuate the problem – ‘Why should I try any harder – my manager hates me!’ Clearly something must be done as doing nothing could be seen as rewarding bad behaviour! But where to start?

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It not what you say …. It’s how you say it

headset300x197There’s no way round it – how you feel comes across on the phone, so it’s important you consider how you sound.

There are multiple methods of communication available to customers now so when a customer decides/chooses the phone, a physical conversation, this is a choice that should be acknowledged and respected. read more

Selling by Phone


Selling by phone – three simple words with the power to evoke a multitude of reactions.

Even in this consumer driven age, selling is still an uncomfortable concept for many but for some reason, selling by phone carries an even greater sense of aversion.


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Attitude eats aptitude for breakfast!

balance_blog_imageAh, the eternal struggle! Attitude over aptitude – aptitude over attitude: it’s never ending! Naturally, a balanced amount of both is ideal – knowledge and skills combined with the right approach, understanding and motivation – but this perfect partnership is rare and more often than not, there’s a sense of trade off involved. We sacrifice one for the other and comments like ‘well, they don’t know everything but their attitude is great!’ or conversely ‘their understanding is spot on but their attitude lets them down’ are not uncommon. So, what’s the answer? Which, if either, is preferable? Which would win in a fight?!? read more

The Importance of the Sales Basics


When it comes to successful sales, the basics are key. If you don’t get the basics right

you’ll find sales a hard and unfriendly place – unresponsive, difficult customers with little to say and not much by way of conversation (let alone sales!)

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